Beaver Type H100

Beaver® - Type H 100
usable dam hight up to max. ca. 100 cm

The Beaver® inflatable dam model H100 was developed specifically to meet the need for ever greater dam heights. The H100 is particularly suitable for creating inflatable dams on lakes and rivers, in any desired location. The H100 also allows you to establish temporary retention zones for large volumes of water – likewise in any desired location.

Ø Dam element diameters, in centimeters 115
Usable dam height (in centimeters), up to a maximum of around 100
Usable dam height increased (in centimeters), up to a maximum of around (achieved by setting a third element on top of the existing ones) 150
Element lengths (in meters) 5 / 10 / 15 / 20


Weight of 10 meter dual dam element (in kilograms)

Weight of an empty dual dam element 98

Weight of a dual dam element filled with water




Filling connector Storz 55
Drainage opening at each end