About us

Beaver Schutzsysteme AG develops and markets portable storm and flood preparedness solutions. Headquartered in Grosswangen, Switzerland, our company was established as a stock corporation on December 1, 2002, and today is a market leader in the fields of storm and flood preparedness, as well as emergency preparedness training.

Beaver Schutzsysteme AG has a marketing network comprising around 50 marketing partners and agents in 25 countries worldwide. Andreas Roos, who is the principle shareholder and chairman of the board of directors of Beaver Schutzsysteme AG, has been involved in the field of flood preparedness since the inception of our company.

Beaver Schutzsysteme AG products are manufactured by a number of companies that have extensive experience in the production of storm and flood preparedness solutions. For us, the safety of our customers comes before all else – and thus we work very closely with the companies that manufacture our products.

Our orange Beaver inflatable dams are by far the top selling portable storm and flood preparedness system. By virtue of having been deployed in more than a thousand emergency situations, our orange Beaver inflatable dams have averted or reduced damage amounting to millions of euros. The around 80,000 running meters of this product that have been sold to date protect our customers against disasters, and avert or reduce damage that can easily run into the millions of euros.