Beaver Type MXL 80

Beaver® - Type MXL 80
usable dam hight up to max. ca. 80 cm

Our Beaver model M80 inflatable dam is the product from our portfolio that’s used – and has proven its worth – most frequently in emergency situations. This outstanding track record is attested to by the fact that the M80 has averted and mitigated millions of euros worth of damage for our customers over the years.

Ø Dam element diameters, in centimeters 94
Usable dam height (in centimeters), up to a maximum of around 80
Usable dam height increased (in centimeters), up to a maximum of around (achieved by setting a third element on top of the existing ones) 125
Element lengths (in meters) 5 / 10 / 15 / 20


Weight of 10 meter dual dam element (in kilograms)

Weight of an empty dual dam element 70

Weight of a dual dam element filled with water




Filling connector Storz 55
Drainage opening at each end