Beaver® – the protection System

Once inflated, the dams can be readily placed in the desired position. They are then filled with water from a nearby body of water or from fire hydrants. A series of inflatable dams can be attached to each other using sleeve systems. This option allows for the creation of inflatable dams of any length that are optimally suited for the conditions under which they are being used. The height of inflatable dams can be increased in an emergency by attaching a third dam to both dams that are already filled with water.

The Beaver® flood preparedness system allows for rapid installation of inflatable dams that can be deployed simply and easily – and above all in a versatile fashion. And that’s not all of the advantages you obtain when you opt for Beaver® flood preparedness systems. For apart from being simple and easy to set up, they can also be dismantled quickly and take up minimal storage space.

Beaver® flood preparedness systems have been successfully deployed in emergency situations more than a thousand times over the years, in Switzerland and elsewhere. Security forces greatly appreciate the user friendliness, versatility, and outstanding ease of deployment afforded by Beaver inflatable dams that have been sold to date have already, and will in the future, avert and mitigate millions of euros in damage in countless locations.