Füllmexx sandbag filling funnels

The Füllmexx is a sandbag filling funnel that allows an individual person to manually fill sandbags. With this funnel, around 10 sandbags can be filled in a mere three minutes by a single individual. This means that 10 people can fill around 700 sandbags in just 30 minutes.

Filling sandbags used to be back-breaking work some two decades ago, and will remain just as back-breaking for the next two decades. The Füllmexx makes filling sandbags very easy, and is an ideal tool for use in conjunction with today’s state of the art flood preparedness systems.

The Füllmexx offers you the following additional advantages:

- The device is ready for use, and requires no electricity.

- No physical exertion is necessary, because the sand simply flows through the Füllme into the sandbag, when you tilt the bag.

- To use the Füllmexx, you push it into the sand and tilt it via a forward movement, up to the filling limit. This results in the sandbags being two thirds full, thanks to a precise filling limit mark on the front of the Füllme (in 90 degree increments)

- The Füllmexx is light as a feather: only 1,500 grams, and it can be used for up to 20 kilogram sand bags.

- Very long lifetime; UV, heat and frost resistant

- To clean the Füllme, you simply rinse it with water.