Walser Kunststoffwerk AG

Walser Kunststoffwerk AG, which is located in Istighofen, Switzerland, has been manufacturing Lenoir® water barriers for many years now.

Walser Kunststoffwerk AG was founded in 1959 and remains a family owned business to this day. The company strives to forge long term partnerships with its customers and to work with them in a spirit of mutual trust. Walser Kunststoffwerk AG specializes in the manufacture of coated fabrics and film, via heat-sealing (high frequency, hot-wedge and ultrasound), sewing, and hot-bonding vulcanization. The company’s product portfolio includes the following: sealing membranes for ponds and swimming pools; hot-air tubing; coverings; sleeves for blood pressure measurement; blood pressure measurement tourniquets; inflatable containers; cushions for the aviation industry; and partition curtains – all of which the company makes as individual or series elements. Walser Kunststoffwerk AG develops tailor-made solutions in collaboration with its customers.