Fast assembly

During a severe storm in Vals, Switzerland in August 2003, it took a crew of eight men a mere 60 minutes to set up a model M Beaver® inflatable dam that was 50 cm in height. What’s more, the crew was able to channel, divert and impound the water and detritus from the storm very efficiently. Making a comparable dam out of sandbags would have required substantially greater effort for the setup process alone. Plus it would have been necessary to locate and requisition the necessary sand, truck it to the site, put the sand in bags, and stack the bags – and then of course remove them once the storm was over and the water had subsided.

With Beaver® inflatable dams, all you have to do is lay out the dam elements, inflate them, attach them to each other, inflate them, and simultaneously fill them with water – and the dams are good to go!

The fact that inflatable dams can be set up rapidly, particularly during inclement weather, is a decisive advantage of this technology. In an emergency, the height of an inflatable dam can be increased quickly and easily by simply placing additional dam elements on top of the existing ones.