A highly versatile solution

Optimally versatile!
The Beaver® flood preparedness system is the ideal flood preparedness solution, thanks to our portfolio comprising a number of models for various deployment scenarios.

Optimal protection for land-based elements

Villages, towns, cities, cultural sites, residential developments

Optimal protection for property
Apartment buildings, factories and other production facilities, campgrounds, athletics facilities

Optimal protection for building elements
Underground parking garages, basements, staircases, entrances

Water diversion and impoundment
During inclement weather and flooding, on lakes, rivers and ponds, as well as in order to avert the risk of mudslides, mudflows, and pipe ruptures

Water impoundment
Our inflatable dams can be used as catchbasins in the event of an accident or other emergency, and to impound fire extinguishing water during a fire

Traversing water
Our solutions can be used as footbridges during flooding, and as floats to create temporary bridges